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Power BI entryPower BI Desktop

Power BI Essentials: Measures and filter context vs. Excel formulas

Among Power BI beginners there are many users with many years of experience working with Excel. But it is in this scenario that I regularly encounter ...

BI architecturePower BI Service

Basics of data warehousing and options with Power BI

Anyone dealing with the topic of business intelligence is quickly confronted with the term data warehouse. A question that often follows is whether with ...

Power BI entryBasics Business Intelligence

Introduction of the Power BI basic components based on the core activities of a reporting solution

Once you start building your first solution in Power BI, it's especially important to understand what components there are in Power BI and ...

Data modelingPower BI entryBasics Business Intelligence

No scaling without a solid data model: an introduction to the star schema

In this article, we will address one of the most important topics in data modeling, namely star schema. If you want to build scalable models with Power BI, come ...

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