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Not just tooling, but BI concepts: Business user-oriented practical knowledge for the sustainable improvement and automation of your reporting with Microsoft Power BI.

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Power BI Essentials: Measures and filter context vs. Excel formulas

Among Power BI beginners there are many users with many years of experience working with Excel. But it is in this scenario that I regularly encounter ...

BI architecture

Basics of data warehousing and options with Power BI

Anyone dealing with the topic of business intelligence is quickly confronted with the term data warehouse. A question that often follows is whether with ...

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Introduction of the Power BI basic components based on the core activities of a reporting solution

Once you start building your first solution in Power BI, it's especially important to understand what components there are in Power BI and ...

Who is behind datenhungrig?

Who is behind datenhungrig?

Hi, I'm Michael. I am a consultant, developer and coach for Microsoft Power BI. Since the beginning of my 10-year career, I have been helping companies build automated reporting solutions using the Power BI portfolio. In doing so, I am mainly active in the areas of finance and IT in small and large projects.

With datenhungrig, I pursue the goal of effectively bringing the potential of Power BI to the business departments. In addition to tooling, I impart practical knowledge about Business Intelligence. I am convinced that the combination of tooling and methodological expertise is the decisive factor for scaling BI technologies in business departments.

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